What is the age requirement to participate in the BFMUN?

The age requirement to participate in the BFMUN is for students between 15 and 18 years of age.


Where will BFMUN be held?

BFMUN will be held in Oak House school in Carrer de Sant Pere Claver, 12-18, 08017 Barcelona. 


Will BFMUN provide lunch?

Yes, BFMUN will provide all delegates with lunch. BFMUN will also ensure that delegates with dietary requirements get food as well.

Do you need previous experience to participate in the BFMUN?

No, there is no need to have previous experience to participate in BFMUN. But we recommend that delegates participating in the Security Council or Consejo de Seguridad have previous MUN experience.


What preparation do delegates need?

Delegates can prepare themselves by reading the Handbook provided by BFMUN and by reading and researching on the designated topics.


What level of English is necessary to participate in the English committees ?

A fluent c1 level but no certification required.


Is there a limit of delegates per school?

No, but we suggest no more than 25 delegates per school


If we are travelling from outside Barcelona where can we stay ?

There are some Hotels around the school. We recommend:

  1. Albergue Studio Hostel ( https://www.alberguestudio.com/ )
  2. Hotel Eurostars Angli ( https://www.eurostarshotels.com/eurostars- )
  3. Hotel Catalonia Mikado (https://www.cataloniahotels.com/es/hotel/catalonia-mikado?mb=1 )