Hedley Lawrence-Apfelbaum

Secretary General

As the Secretary General, his role is to deal with the overall organization of the BFMUN.

Hedley Lawrence is a student who has lived both in Barcelona and in the United States of America throughout his life. He has a great interest in politics and economics. He has competed in over thirty MUNs and been awarded numerous prizes such as Best Delegate. Last year he chaired the Historical Committee with great success, and has also won debates in CICAE and London League tournaments. 

Mar Antràs

Vice-Secretary General & Head of Logistics

As the vice Secretary General, her role is to organise topics, prepare chairs, pages and assign delegations to delegates. 

Mar Antràs is a last year student that has lived in Barcelona her whole life. She is interested in scientific developments, technology and medicine. She has participated in many MUNs such as SEKMUN, BFMUN and debating tournaments like the London League or CICAE. 

Joan Biosca

Vice Secretary General

As the vice Secretary General, his role is to organise topics, prepare chairs, pages and assign delegations to delegates. 

Joan Biosca is a 17-year-old student who is currently studying in the IB Program (International Baccalaureate). He enjoys debating about topics such as global economics and international conflicts. He has participated in MUNs like SEKMUN, 2020 BFMUN and 2021 BFMUN. He has also taken part in CICAE.

Iciar Fiol

Head of Logistics and Head of Communications

As the head of logistics and head of communications, her role in the MUN is to organise the media, elaborate the delegate handbook and make sure schools know about the MUN as well as preparing the website.

Iciar Fiol is the youngest student in the Committee. She is 16 and she already has lots of experience in both being a delegate and a judge. She is interested in studying economics and has participated in the CICAE league ending up being a finalist. She has also earned her judge certificate and has ended up judging in the league she became a finalist in.