Ángel Rodríguez

Co-Secretary General & Debate Director

As the debate director, his role is to organise topics, prepare chairs, pages and assign delegations to delegates. 

Ángel has lived in Barcelona since he was born. He as won many awards for his academics. He has particpated in a range of MUN’s. He believes that knowing how to express your ideas and beliefs in public is critical for personal and academic growth.

Guillermo González

Co-Secretary General & Logistics Director

As the logistics Director, his role is to find venues and deal with budgets.

Guillermo is a student who has lived in Barcelona his whole life. He has always loved polititcs and is always willing to debate to defend his ideas. He has attended a large number of MUN’s. He has been commended in different areas of academics and sports.

Soham H. Nanwani

Co-Secretary General & Administration  Director

As the adminsitrations director, his role in the MUN is to organise the media, elaborate the delegate handbook and make sure schools know about the MUN.

Soham has lived in Barcelona his whole life. Having grandparents from India, Soham has also felt a connection to his motherland and has always wanted to do things in order to help India. He has participated in a large amount of MUN’s and has won several academic awards.